Allround Scaffolding System

Scaffolding for Facades

Layher Allround is a thoroughly designed and advanced system that offers a suitable scaffolding solution for all kinds of facades. Its standard elements can be quickly assembled into large structures. The Allround scaffolding will show its true strength when working on a complex facade with bay windows and/or indentations. Tall and low, straight and diagonal, round and polyhedron buildings can all be taken care of easily and the scaffolding will always be solid and safe.

The Allround system takes into consideration all scaffolding needs of a construction site. Working platforms, stairs, emergency escapes, handrails, shoring towers and even weather protection can all be set up using the same compatible scaffolding parts. The scaffolding structure will be neat and compact, which has become an increasingly important factor for today’s developers.

Allround scaffolding is lighter than traditional steel scaffolding, which makes the transportation, storaging and assemblyeasier. Allround scaffolding meets all occupational safety requirements.

Brickwork Scaffolding

The Layher Allround system’s modular steel scaffolding makes good scaffolding for brickwork:

  • Sturdy and safe bricklaying console fixed to the scaffolding structure

  • Bricks always placed ergonomically at the right height

  • Longitudinal platforms on which moving is easy

  • Platforms fixed with proper hooks without the risk of slipping, tipping or stoppers coming loose

Industrial Scaffolding

The Allround scaffolding system is an excellent solution for industrial and power plant maintenance and repair work. It fits easily in cramped spaces and narrow gaps without having to compromise safety or the strength of the fastening.

In practice it has turned out to be sensible for an industrial plant to acquire certain basic equipment to be used in connection with regular maintenance and repair work. When there is a need for special solutions, you can rent suitable compatible Allround equipment from Telinekataja. Our professional planning service is, of course, at your disposal when deciding on the solutions.

Shoring Towers

Shoring scaffolding is required if there is a need for a load-bearing capacity of up to 10 tonnes. The Allround steel support scaffolding is based on regular scaffolding but has been developed into a sturdier structure using special parts to ensure suitability for projects requiring a high load-bearing capacity such as bridge work, power plants or replacement of a building’s pillars.

Scaffolding Accessories

We provide original scaffolding accessories. You can only guarantee safety and quality by using original Layher products.

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