Frame Scaffoldings


A new scaffolding solution that is smarter than any other frame scaffolding solution. StarFrame is Layher’s newest scaffolding system and it is lighter, quicker and more cost-effective than any other scaffolding system available on the market. We recommend that you check it out!

Is the StarFrame the right scaffolding solution for my project? The answer is yes if

  • You regularly need scaffolding

  • Your personnel will assemble the scaffolding

  • You will store and transport the scaffolding yourself


As the name suggests, the Layher SpeedyScaf scaffolding offers a quick method for setting up the scaffolding. The SpeedyScaf system’s assembly frames are complete elements and the other scaffolding parts are fixed directly to them.

Thanks to the modern and practical method, the SpeedyScaf system is quick to assemble and dismantle. The complete frames ensure that there is a need for fewer parts. Layher SpeedyScaf is made of steel or aluminium and it is compatible with other Layher scaffolding.

  • SpeedyScaf frame scaffolding is available in aluminium (width 0.73 m) and steel (width 0.73 or 1.09 m)

  • Platform lengths 0.73-4.14 m

  • Permissible load up to load class 6 (6.0 kN/m²)

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