Protective Wall Systems

Protect System

A protective wall system made of aluminium framed cassettes and designed to be used together with Allround and SpeedyScaf. The wall is watertight, durable, neat and impressive. All elements are light and quick to assemble.

  • Roof protection can be done by using special Protect roof cassettes
  • The system also includes cassettes with thermal and sound insulation
  • Suitable for projects requiring good dust protection such as asbestos work or sandblasting
  • An excellent temporary protective wall structure for industrial facilities

Scaffolding Tarpaulins and Nets

All Layher scaffolding tarpaulins are UV protected, lattice-reinforced and translucent.

  • The width of the tarpaulins has been designed to match the Allround and SpeedyScaf
  • Tarpaulins are fixed to the scaffolding using special fasteners
  • Scaffolding tarpaulin widths 2.70 m or 3.25 m and strengths 160 g/m² or 280 g/m²
  • Scaffolding net widths 2.60 m or 3.20 m and strengths 50 g/m² or 90 g/m²

Keder Rail System

An excellent solution for facade refurbishments. The fixing will withstand even strong winds.

  • The aluminium keder rails are attached to either Allround or SpeedyScaf using keder holders
  • The tarpaulins with woven edges are pulled into the keder rail.

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