Planning Service

Each scaffolding solution is planned in detail to meet all the safety requirements as well as the special requirements of each construction site. The constantly evolving scaffolding technology and increasingly tighter occupational safety regulations increase the amount of planning even at the stage when the site is only being examined.

Complete CAD plans, including strength calculations, drawings and assembly instructions, ensure a correct assembly procedure and speed up the installation process at the construction site. Thanks to the equipment list prepared on the basis of the plan, all parts needed will definitely be included in the delivery.

Training Service

The rapidly evolving scaffolding technology and constantly improved occupational safety instructions require scaffolding technicians to undergo continuous training. As the leading scaffolding company Telinekataja offers its customers and subcontractors continuous in-depth training in products and assembly. It allows the technicians and supervisors to utilise the features of the scaffolding effectively and correctly.

And more importantly, training ensures that everyone knows how to build scaffolding that complies with the regulations and is safe for the users.


Due to the current tight schedules, everything has to work like clockwork.Therefore, the assembly of scaffolding and weather protection systems requires a specialist. It is not just to do with schedules and costs, but it also affects the functionality and safety of the site.

The technicians working for Telinekataja and its subcontractors possess the highest level of skills in Finland. As the leading company in the field, we have trained them emphasising the aspects that we know are important based on our experience.

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