Weather Protection Systems

Telinekataja offers high level expertise in weather protection and extensive services, from planning to implementation as well as state-of-the-art equipment. In addition to Layher's Keder Roof system, larger sites can use the Keder Roof XL system with a span of up to 40 metres. The tarpaulins are made to order in Finland and they withstand heavy use.

Weather protection is an effective way to prevent weather, schedule, quality and occupational safety related risks. We take into consideration all aspects of a functional construction site, for example the risks of falling snow and ice.

Weather protection systems consist of modules and their height can be adjusted as desired and even the most complex solutions can be created conveniently.

Telinekataja documents weather protection just like any other scaffolding work, in accordance with the MaxxSafe process, including for example the risk management of the scaffolding work as well as quality and safety auditing of the scaffolding. We always pay particular attention to occupational safety, also during planning.

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